Tysons Father-Son Duo Talk Social Distancing in New Podcast

A father-son pair living in Tysons decided to start a podcast several weeks ago to document their social distancing experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sam Lee and his 7-year-old son Logan launched the podcast on March 22 and produce weekly episodes, according to Lee’s website. So far, there are three episodes available online. Each are roughly 20 minutes long.

The family had been avid podcast listeners before the pandemic started. Sam told Tysons Reporter that he wanted to understand how his son views the pandemic.

“I hope it better helps him articulate his thoughts, become more aware of his surroundings and to just help him communicate,” Sam said.

Sam also said that the podcasts are essentially just a digitized form of the radio, so it turned out to be a great way for him and his son to connect over a generational divide.

Sam, who has a 9-year old son as well, said he gave both kids the option to join the podcast, but only Logan really showed interest.

Episodes typically begin with a jazzy intro and walk through events unfolding globally, noting real-world events and information about COVID-19.

“We’ve all been affected by the COVID-19 situation,” Sam said. “You reel a little bit, but have to quickly adjust.”

Dubbed “the Logan Podcast,” Logan often responds to queries posed by his dad and shares his thoughts on adjustments to daily life.

In the third podcast episode, Logan talks about how his classroom interactions are different online from in-person instruction and how he misses the typical interaction with his peers.

Current listeners include local teachers and family neighbors, according to Sam.

For people interested in upcoming episodes, the podcast will be released every Sunday evening, according to the website.

Image courtesy Sam Lee

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