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Macy’s in Tysons Galleria Closing With Big Clearance Sale

by Vernon Miles January 15, 2019 at 3:30 pm 11 Comments

The Macy’s in Tysons Galleria is closing, but before it does there are discounts on all items in the store as the department store clears out its inventory.

Currently, most items throughout the store are discounted at 20 percent, though signs proclaim that some things are discounted up to 40 percent. Staff at the store said discounts could increase as the weeks progress. The exact date the store will close is currently undetermined.

As of yesterday (Monday), the store’s shelves were still well stocked, though diminished staffing meant longer lines at the store’s remaining registers. Discounts are applicable only at the Tysons Galleria Macy’s and items purchased at the store cannot be returned.

The Washington Business Journal reported that Brookfield Properties Retail could be replacing the three-story retail giant with some combination of an iPic theater, Balducci’s grocery store, Tiffany & Co. store or an Apple store.

There’s been a spate of unrelated, recent closings across Tysons, with similar sales at Pier 1 Imports and Performance Bicycle Shop.

  • residentcynic

    Surely a movie theatre would be a bad gamble given the AMC in Tysons I and the ShowPlace opening up just up the street the other way on Greensboro.

  • TC

    Pier 1 closing doesn’t surprise me. A lot of overpriced junk in those stores.

  • ScoutMom

    The movie theater will be an iPic theater similar to the one in Bethesda – a high end movie/dinner/drinks experience…not for the average movie goer or family of 4 with a hefty price tag of $25+/ticket and that does NOT include food/drinks.

  • Danoreno

    Miss the old “pits” where riding my dirtbikes was a blast before tysons was developed.

  • BettyB

    AMC in Tysons 1 is a horrid experience. As a Tysons resident, I welcome a newer, more upscale theater, and think with the large # of new apartment and condo buildings completing, the area can keep in business the upcoming Boros theater and the one replacing Macys. As it is now, we have to go to Mosaic or Reston Bowtie to avoid the overpriced, outdated and scummy AMC theater in the crowded and noisy Tysons 1 mall. That theater could end up catering to a different demographic than might frequent a more expensive dine-in theater. Also, as comparison, I previously lived in Ashburn, where we had 5 newer theaters within 15-20 minutes drive.

  • BettyB

    I really miss the Alamo Cinema & Draft House in Ashburn, where I previously lived. Tysons is still so outdated but working on it. I would rather pay $25+ for a nice evening, than pay $15-19+ for the horrible experience of going to AMC in Tysons 1. Because of that theater, we just don’t go to the movies as often, or at least not in Tysons. I’m guessing, there are a lot of others who feel the same, enough of whom will patron the new theater.

  • BettyB

    It was a novel concept 20+ years ago before one could buy overpriced junk online, haha.

  • residentcynic

    Ignoring the snobbery in the above comment (I mean come on – the AMC has renovated to modern amenities, specifically good and reserved seating, and there is literally a parking path that lets you avoid the mall proper near entirely to reach it), I don’t think the population has reached the point of supporting 3 theatres just yet and it doesn’t really make sense for iPic to engage in a “VHS-Betamax” style “new option on the street” battle for survival. I’m absolutely pulling for the Tysons vision to be executed to the fullest, but I would say maybe this becomes more viable in, say, 2025-2030.

    And by that point, I’m not sure we’re not rethinking the entire Tysons II property in terms of redevelopment. Is there really enough left in there to justify keeping that entire mall footprint when we need housing (regular and affordable) and office space near a Metro? It’s going to be an interesting question.

    And in fairness, of course you had newer theatres in Ashburn. Most developments out there barely existed even 10 years ago. Plus, One Loudoun isn’t so out of the way / inaccessible that a Tysons’ resident shouldn’t consider it an option from time to time. Heck, I knew plenty of people who frequented it from Arlington.

  • Mitchell Sacks

    When AMC Tysons was new, it was fantastic. But they’ve just let it go to hell, whole place looks like crap. Also, the concessions suck, always a 30 minute wait, always understaffed!.

    We go to Angelika in Mosaic now, much nice, great concessions, fantastic staff, and surrounded by nice shops and restaurants.

  • Mitchell Sacks

    The comment by BettyB was spot on, you a complete tool if you think AMC ever spent a dime renovating their Tyson’s theater (they haven’t).

  • BettyB

    Reserved seating is not modern. It is the base standard for any theater these days. Only one of the AMC theater rooms has newer leather seats (you don’t want to see the cloth ones in the light), and there are zero healthy food options. I believe Tysons will be well served by having multiple theater options at different price points, and perhaps we may even see AMC forced to lower their prices once there is some competition.


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