Meet Arnold Wise, a Norwegian Forest cat, and Alejandro Rockbridge, the domestic short-hair he’s taken under his fluffy paw.

Here is what 4Paws Rescue Team has to say about Arnold, who can be adopted on his own or with his foster sibling:

Meet Arnold (right), a Norwegian Forest cat with a gigantic good heart and outgoing disposition. He was rescued as a stray. Despite his difficult beginnings, Arnold is a super friendly kitty who can charm you with his larger-than-life personality. He loves human companionship and never says “No” to head and chin scratches. If you listened carefully to his talking, you would hear him say that he looks forward to a home with another gentle cat who is looking for a friend. Being an only cat would probably be too boring for Arnold!

Arnold is your ultimate family pet, even for first-time adopters. He can also do well in a household with children. All he really wants in return is love, love, and more love!

To boot, in his foster home, Arnold has become best buddy with Alejandro (left), another kitty who is waiting for his forever home. Indeed, they make a dynamic duo! The two sleep and cuddle together and Arnold gives Alejandro the boost of self-confidence that he needed. Arnold is the more outgoing of the two.

Both boys are shelter kitties, with Arnold from Wise County Animal Shelter and Alejandro from Rockbridge SPCA. In his ideal world, Arnold would love to be adopted with Alejandro, though he will definitely go for a forever home with another young, friendly and welcoming cat who is looking for a feline companion!

Arnold’s estimated birthdate is 11/01/2020. He is neutered, vaccinated, negative for FIV & FeLV, and microchipped.

Please e-mail us if you’re interested in adopting Arnold (ideally with, but also without Alejandro). Be sure to include your phone number in your message. Please limit inquiries to the Greater Washington, DC area, except for barn cats.

Alejandro was also rescued as a stray by a shelter in Central Virginia, according to 4Paws Rescue Team, which describes him as a “friendly and generous kitty” who would love to be adopted with his best buddy but is also open to new feline companions.

Is your home the perfect new base for this A-Team?


Meet Gwenyth, a tri-colored mixed breed rescued from possible euthanasia by the miracle of modern medical treatments.

Here is what Gwenyth’s friends at Operation Underdog WV have to say about her:

Our girl Gwenyth is playing great Auntie to the 3 pups that we rescued last week. And while even Gwenyth is fond of puppy breath, we are hoping that the senior dog lovers out there will consider giving Gwenyth the wonderful home that she deserves. This darling senior girl is affectionate with people and does well with other dogs. She enjoys light walks, snuggling with stuffed toys, and snacks. Some things just get sweeter with time and this girl is one of them!

Gwenyth was rescued from a shelter where she was in danger of euth due to a heartworm positive status. She’s finished treatment and will be ready to go to a home after spay in mid- February, but we’re accepting applications now! Give us a shout to learn more about her!

If Gwenyth has won your heart, contact the shelter at [email protected].


Rosie McCracken can do it — if by it, you mean adapt to new environments and befriend both animals and people.

Like previous Pet of the Week Olive McCracken, Rosie came to her friends at Merrifield’s 4Paws Rescue Team from West Virginia:

Rosie was found on the streets in rural West Virginia. She was fostered by one of 4Paws’ network rescues before being given to 4Paws to take to Meows Corner. She is a petite silver tabby who only takes a couple days to become comfortable in her new environment. She will come when her name is called and likes playing with all types of toys.

Rosie enjoys being around people and getting pets. She has lived with other foster cats and showed no reaction to a calm mastiff dog. Rosie would do well in an active home with children of all ages. She will chase your feet under the covers but tolerates having her nails trimmed, which helps! She loves the company of other cats so will need at least one cat in her new house.

Rosie likes to nap under furniture and on beds. She also likes to observe the birds and squirrels in the back yard and play footsie under the door with her foster’s other cats.

Rosie’s estimated date of birth is October 15 2020. She has been spayed, microchipped, tested negative for FeLV and FIV, and vaccinated. She has been eating Fancy Feast wet food and Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach dry kibble.

Are you ready to sign up to give Rosie a new, permanent home?


Meet Peggy, a short-haired Great Pyrenees mix looking for a good home and a supportive male companion.

Here’s what the National Great Pyrenees Rescue has to say about this go-getter pup:

PYRfect Peggy is one of 4 Great Pyrenees mix (possibly with Lab) mix puppies who came into our rescue under our neediest cases due to malnourishment and skin issues. These sweet pups were placed in loving foster homes, given much needed nutrition, plenty of fresh air and exercise, and lots of love and guidance and are now ready to find their furever homes. Peggy loves routine and knows when it is outside time, nap time, dinner time, and play time. She is working on sit, stay, and is so quick at catching on that these will be second nature in no time. When she wants to go outside she will stand at the door and give it her ‘Pyr Paw’ 🙂 Peggy LOVES her people and her fur friends; she hasn’t met a stranger. She loves her clamshell bed, which she plans to bring anywhere with her even though she will quickly outgrow it! She has been around cats and chickens since she was young and shows no interest in them. This smart, loving girl will need a home with a secure fence at least 5 feet, and a male dog to bond and play with and continue her doggie training. This girl is pretty close to perfect; if you are looking for a smart, loving companion to grow old with, look no further!

Could your home be the perfect environment for Peggy to flourish? Interested adopters can apply at


Meet Thor O’Connell, a domestic short-hair definitely worthy of Mjölnir, and his long-haired companion, the benevolent Czar O’Connell.

Here’s what 4Paws Rescue Team has to say about Thor:

Thor and his bonder companion Czar arrived at 4Paws looking for their new forever home after their beloved Daddy recently died of COVID-19.

Thor is 7 years old. He is timid, but warms up after a while and loves to have his back and ears scratched. Thor loves to jump and chase wand toys.

Thor never interacted with dogs before and is not accustomed to being around children. He is vaccinated and neutered, will be microchipped before going to his forever home and tested negative for FIV and Feline Leukemia.

Please email us if you’re interested in adopting Thor and his bonded companion Czar. Be sure to include your phone number in your message. Please limit inquiries to the Greater Washington, DC area, except for barn cats.

According to the nonprofit, Czar is about 4 years old and “timid at first, but eventually becomes very friendly once he feels that his surroundings are safe. He loves to roll on his back and be combed.”

Like his buddy, Czar has not interacted with dogs before and isn’t used to being around children. He has also been vaccinated and neutered, will receive a microchip before going to a new home, and has tested negative for FIV and Feline Leukemia.

Could your home be the Valhalla Thor and Czar are seeking? If so, 4Paws Rescue Team can be contacted at [email protected].


Don’t let Dolce’s diminuitive size fool you. This Yorkshire terrier still has a world of love to give.

Here is what his friends at the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation have to say:

Dolce is a sweet 10-year-old silky terrier looking for his forever home. He’s taken on the nickname Dooley and he’s small enough to easily tuck into your arms.

He loves being outside and will prance around, sniffing everything, for as long as you let him! Once inside, he’s a little less curious and is content to curl up by your side for a good nap. He loves getting and giving kisses while being hugged.

Dolce is fully housetrained and well behaved. He doesn’t bark or beg. He would do best in a home where he’s the only dog or where the other dogs are the same size and temperament as him as he can be a little fearful of bigger dogs.

If you’re looking for a quiet, cute, and loveable little companion, Dolce would like to apply for that position! He’s an easygoing guy and if you open up your heart and home he will jump right in!

Think you’re a match for Dolce? Contact Flora at [email protected] to adopt him.


Meet Arturo Berkeley, a black cat who’s inseparable from his watchful mama but not so enamored with the canine set.

Here is what Arturo’s friends at 4Paws Rescue Team have to say about the feline pair:

Meet Arturo, a beautiful “panther” who is bonded with his charming Mama, Belladonna. Together, they are eagerly looking for their forever home. The pair were rescued from the Berkeley County Humane Society in Martinsburg, WV when their owners living situation made it difficult to care for their pets.

Belladonna & Arturo love each other and to snuggle for naps and for the night. Both appreciate being brushed and are very outgoing and loving. Being a young cant, Arturo loves playing with anything he finds in his way, with his super Mama always attentively watching over hime. To be sure Arturo also finds time to enjoy the love and attention his foster family showers him with.

Arturo is ready to settle in his forever home with his Mama Belladonna and hopes to find one for the holidays. The duo can also join your home as fosters, if you want to learn more about them before considering adopting them, or to give them a loving foster home as they wait for their forever family to pick them up. Is there extra room in your home to welcome this sweet pair and to shower them with the love and protection they deserve?

Please email us if you’re interested in adopting or fostering Belladonna and Arturo. Be sure to include your phone number in your message. Please limit inquiries to the Greater Washington, DC area, except for barn cats.

Could your home be the perfect fit for this mother-son duo?


Meet Hank, a gangly foxhound whose smile will warm your heart as surely as a certain children’s movie without the accompanying tears.

The Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation say it’ll be love at first sight for anyone who takes a chance on Hank:

Hank loves you already, and you will love him back if you meet him just once.

This goofy 70-pound foxhound loves to greet everyone he meets. Hank is still a young man and can use your help to become the perfect family member. He is already super cuddly, loyal, and affectionate and has a lot more to offer.

Hank makes sure that every person passing by is greeted properly and showered in kisses. He loves being petted in return and has also shown love for other dogs he met. Typical of a hound, Hank has his nose pressed to the ground and loves to explore his surroundings. He does well traveling in the car and will ride right upfront with you if you like.

Hank needs your help figuring out treats because so far he is eager to take them, carry them in his mouth, but will eventually just drop them to the ground. He is a working dog who loves to walk and will make a great hiking companion.

Hank is a big bouncy guy looking for a family to help him become a well-rounded adult.

If Hank seems like the right walking buddy for you, you can email the shelter at [email protected].


Meet Olive McCracken, a domestic short-haired kitty who’s crossed state lines in search of a new home.

Here’s what Olive’s friends at 4Paws Rescue Team have to say about her:

Olive came to 4Paws from a partner rescue in Charles Town, West Virginia. She had been adopted with another cat when she was a kitten, but her owner needed to move into a place that didn’t allow animals. Olive was returned to her original rescue, but their fosters were full so they reached out to 4Paws for help.

Olive is a wonderful cat, very loving to people and tolerant of being handled and petted. Olive likes to sit on laps but doesn’t demand attention while she is there. She won’t try to get you to pet her or nudge your hands with her head if you are busy typing on the computer or holding reading material.

Olive’s birth date is October 4, 2018, so she is at the age where she is beginning to appreciate a calmer, quieter life. She still likes to spice it up by playing with a fishing pole toy or batting stuffed toys around. She always takes a few minutes before diving into her meals to say “hi and get some pets from her foster. She has a good appetite and eats all the different flavors of food. Olive can be picky about her cat friends and enforces a “personal space bubble with other cats. We think she would do well on her own, with a submissive male kitty, or with a calm dog – she likes her foster’s large, senior dog, for example. She would do well with older children.

Olive has been spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, and tested negative for FeLV and FIV. She has been eating Fancy Feast wet and Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach dry kibble.

Please e-mail us if you’re interested in Olive. Be sure to include your phone number in your message. Please limit inquiries to the Greater Washington, DC area, except for barn cats.

Could Olive be the right companion to bring peace into your life?


Meet Tank, a young hound mix eager to enlist into a new home after parting ways with his previous one.

According to his new friends at Mutt Love Rescue, Tank “was surrendered by his family through no fault of his” own. He is a new enough arrival that the rescue organization is still developing a more detailed bio for him, but his congenial personality was evident from the outset.

“He is a solid boy, for those who love big dogs, weighing in at 85 pounds and he is approximately 4 years old,” Mutt Love Rescue says. “He is a very sweet boy, gets along with other dogs, and would love a family to spoil him.”

Tank is among the dogs available for adoption or fostering at one of the nonprofit’s upcoming events:

Saturday Nov 27th 12- 3pm Weber’s Pet Supermarket; 11135 Lee Hwy; Fairfax

Saturday Dec 4th 12-3 pm Weber’s Pet Supermarket; 2280 Hunters Wood Plaza; Reston

Saturday Dec 11th 12-3 pm Weber’s Pet Supermarket; 11135 Lee Highway; Fairfax

We are always desperate for foster homes, now more than ever. If you are interested in fostering during this difficult time, please complete an application… unless you are a previous adopter/foster, then you can just contact us via phone (703-988-2608) or email ([email protected]) to tell us which dog you want to foster!

For information on sponsoring this dog, please write to [email protected].

Could Tank be the ideal new recruit for your company?


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